WebTax4B.ca is a web-based application for preparing and filing your T2 tax return developed by MacroNT Inc., a well-known Canadian company on accounting and tax services.
Why WebTax4B.ca
  • WebTax4B.ca is Canada's #1 web-based application that has been certified by CRA for use with Corporation Internet Filing (CIF), T2 hard-copies, and T2 Barcode Return since 2004. WebTax4B.ca also supports CT23 paper filing, D-filing certified by the Ontario Ministry of Finance, AT1-NETFILE, and AT1-RSI certified by Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration.
  • Quick, easy, and accurate to prepare your corporation income tax return.
  • WebTax4B.ca supports all other CRA's T2 online services such as AFR (Auto Fill Return), request WAC (Web Access Code) online, submit attached documents online, pre-validate T2 return filing, and so on.
  • Unlike other tax packages that support only one or two tax years, with WebTax4B.ca you can file T2 returns in any tax year from 2004 to current year. Tax data will be auto-carry forward into subsequent tax years. Also you can import data from CRA or other T2 software.
  • No software to download, install, or update. WebTax4B.ca is the complete online solution to preparing and filing your corporation income tax from office or anywhere you have an internet connection regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as tablet or laptop, etc.
  • Another difference between traditional tax packages and WebTax4B.ca is you don't have to maintain or back up the tax data. Your tax data in all years is stored on our secure servers that are backed up several times a day to offside servers.
  • With WebTax4B.ca you always prepare and view your T2 tax return for free of charge. You only pay if you are completely satisfied and wish to download and file it electronically (CIF) or by mail (barcode or regular forms).
WebTax4B.ca covers fiscal year-end between January 01, 2004 and May 31, 2019. The latest certified version v2018.2 has been released on October 22, 2018. This update includes changes in schedules 005, 017, 035, 200, and 552. Aslo WebTax4B.ca now supports importing GIFI data from accounting software, Excel, or similar programs.
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