WebTax4B.ca Features
  • Canada's #1 online application that has been certified by CRA every year since 2004 for:
    - Corporation Internet Filing
    - T2 barcode filing
    - T2 paper return in pdf format.
  • Other CRA's T2 online services:
    - Auto Fill Return (AFR)
    - Request Web Access Code (WAC) online
    - Pre-validate T2 filing online
    - Submit attached documents online
    - E-File T1135 (Foreign properties)
  • Provincial corporation tax returns:
    - AT1-NETFILE, AT1-RSI certified by Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration.
    - CO-17 online filing via NETFILE Québec or clicSÉQUR, CO-17 paper return certified by Revenu Québec.
    - CT23 certified by Ontario Ministry of Finance to tax year 2009.
Why WebTax4B.ca!
  • File T2 in any tax year from 2004 to current year. Tax data will be auto-carry forward into subsequent tax years.
  • Auto-fill data from CRA, view NOA.
    Upload financial statements from accounting software.
    Import data from other T2 software.
  • Complete online solution to file T2 from office or anywhere.
  • Runs on all platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android ...
  • No maintain or back up. Data is stored on the secure servers that are backed up to offside servers.
  • Quick, easy, and accurate to prepare and file T2 return.
  • Prepare and view return for FREE. Pay only, if you are completely satisfied and wish to download and file T2, AT1, CO-17 electronically or by mail.
What's New!
WebTax4B.ca covers fiscal year-end between January 01, 2004 and May 31, 2024.
Latest certified versions:
  • T2 was released on 2023-10-16. The changes include schedules 200, 5, 38, 65, 425, 428, and 429. This version also supports 2 new schedules 310 and 311 for Newfoundland and Labrador tax credits.
  • AT1 was released on 2023-10-16. The changes include schedules 1 and 13. Alberta Schedule 9 has been discontinued.
  • CO-17 was released on 2023-11-23. The changes include schedules CO-17, CO-771, CO-771.2.1.2, and CO-1029.8.33.6. New schedules supported in this version are: RD-1029.8.6, RD-1029.8.9.03, and RD-1029.8.16.1