MacroNT Inc. is collecting your business information in order to provide you with a service. Under no circumstance will MacroNT Inc. release or share any information to any third party for any purpose. Also we do not collect any credit/debit card information, all payment transactions are handled through Bambora services.

Please make sure that when you register you use a valid email address. Any requests to access a specific tax return (i.e. you forgot your password/hint) will get a response to the corresponding email address. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure a secure access to your email account.

MacroNT Inc. is a Canadian company and our servers are located in Toronto thus any release of your business information is subject only to the Canadian laws.

Once you login to our web server will establish a 256-bit communication encrypted secure channel to your browser, the same security that you are using when accessing major banks. In addtion has stopped supporting SSL3.0, TLS1, TLS1.1 protocols (only TLS1.2 is supported) due to their vulnerability to POODLE attacks.
Protecting your privacy and safeguarding is a cornerstone of our business and will always be one of our highest priorities.