With WebTax4U.ca you can file, re-file, or view in details your prior tax returns from tax year 2007 to 2022.
Please note that CRA only supports NETFILING prior year returns from tax year 2017. To file your tax return before 2017, you have to download, print, and submit it by mail.
If you are a returning user, just login with the username and password that you registered before.
For a new user who wants to file a prior year return, you have to register a new account (username & password) by clicking New User Register at the login page.
Tax return filing using WebTax4U.ca for tax years before 2015 is completely free without any restrictions.
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Note: Due to service maintenance, not all of prior year links above are active all the time. If it's not available, please let us know the tax year, date, and time (EST) you want to file via email at support@macront.com.
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