XBS Online are web-based applications designed for small and mid-sized companies that need to manage their business online including Sales or Services, Payroll, and Accounting.
XBS Online Sales
XBS Online Sales has been developed with a few simple reasons.
* Why is managing your sales so complicated?
* Why is sales management software so slow or hard of use?
* Why is it so expensive?
XBS Online Sales is the complete online solution to manage your sales system from office or anywhere you have an internet connection.
Integrated with XBS Online Payroll and Accounting.
XBS Online Sales is absolutely FREE of use.
XBS Online Payroll
XBS Online Payroll has been designed for all kinds of businesses, regardless of the number of employees or the complexity of payroll.
At XBS Online Payroll, our goal is to make payroll as easy for you as possible with full payroll functions
Quick and easy to use. With only few steps to setup you can finish your payroll process in few clicks.
Integrated with XBS Online Sales and Accounting.
You can use XBS Online Payroll for FREE of charge in 6 months.
XBS Online Accounting
XBS Online Accounting is a bookkeeping and accounting system that organizes your finances and complies with managerial accounting standards including:

* Journal Entries
* General Ledger
* Account Payable
* Account Receivable
* Bank Reconciliation
* Financial Reports
* EOM/EOY procedures
Integrated with XBS Online Sales and Payroll.
You can use XBS Online Accounting for FREE of charge in 6 months.
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